VuDrive is an innovative camera based driver monitoring solution, built on AI algorithms licensed to leading car manufacturers, running on affordable and easy to install hardware.

VuDrive supports the following capabilities: 

Driver monitoring and alerts

o Driver distraction
o Sleep
o High speed alerts (fixed speed, configurable)
o Alerts to driver

o Alerts, e.g to to fleet manager/parent

Driver monitoring examples

o Driver distraction

o Driver falling asleep

Video recording 

o Record all rides videos
o Proactively record important events, with one click
o Upload on WiFi or cellular
o Driver protect mode + Panic button (vs. problematic passengers)
o 24/7 recording mode – protect your car even when parked
o Motion alerts in 24/7 recording mode
o Email notifications – get alerts and trip summaries
o SD card support
o Date and time stamp your videos
o Bluetooth media button support for quick recording of events


Note: There are multiple versions of VuDrive, consult your dealer what is included in your VuDrive device.